Thomas Merchant

    1.00 pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    Track 2: Grow: Blueprint to Building High-Performing Diverse Global Teams

    Seventy-seven percent of people would consider a company’s culture, mission, and purpose before joining the team. Since the onset of the pandemic, technology, culture, and effective leadership are critical for building high-performing diverse global teams. The era of digital transformation has brought with it new communication and remote working tools that can help leaders develop a company strategy with an end-goal focused on attracting, retaining, and managing the best global talent in the world. Log in and learn:  


    • Why cultural fluency in leadership is critical for building team trust. 
    • Why cross-cultural communication is inevitable for healthier and higher-performing teams. 
    • The impact of the new world of global remote work on team performance. 
    3.30 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    Track 2: Grow: Culture Matters: Why Inclusive Leadership Begins With Cultural Intelligence

    Culture consists of the collective perceptions and social norms that people share with one another, but in an increasingly diverse and complex business environment, culture cannot simply be defined as “the way things are done”. Today, cultural competence is a crucial factor to set your organization apart. Join us in a discussion about why culture is key for high-performing global companies, and we will also cover:

    • How corporate cultures differ around the world
    • Why cultural competence is essential for managing global teams
    • How leaders can be more inclusive and create a culture of belonging