Sachin Goklaney

Chief Commercial Officer, PayGroup
Sachin has been with PayAsia since 2015 in the role of Chief Finance Officer and was appointed to the role of Chief Commercial Officer of PayGroup in July 2017. Sachin has over 20 years of experience in senior finance and operations roles in Singapore and Australia. Based in Singapore, Sachin is a Chartered Accountant (ACA) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW).
    3.30 pm AEDT

    Day 3 [APAC]

    Remote, Hybrid, or Office-Based: Key Trends Shaping the Future of Work in 2022 and Beyond

    How can companies stay ahead of future trends and master growth strategies for the next decade and beyond? Companies must pick the best work model for long-term success, whether it's a hybrid model featuring partially remote work with multiple hubs, entirely on-site, or completely remote work. 

    Resetting focus from past performance to future potential remains key. Companies must master nonverbal communication, strengthen employees' sense of belonging and purpose, and leverage technology to uncover opportunities and critical insights. 

    You will learn:  

    • How to build an agile organization that can keep up with ever-changing conditions during growth  
    • The pivotal role HR plays in building a long-term remote or hybrid work environment that's productive, efficient, and attractive 
    • How technology supports workforces by uncovering new opportunities and elevating the employee experience