Nicole Sahin

Founder & CEO, Globalization Partners

Nicole Sahin’s mission is to eliminate barriers to doing business internationally and building global teams. As founder and CEO of Globalization Partners, she is recognized for having created an innovative solution that enables companies to hire great talent anywhere in the world, without the complexity of setting up international branch offices or subsidiaries. Businesses are able to bypass the legal, HR and tax complexities of hiring in another country, while getting all the benefits of a global team.

    1.00 pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    Track 2: Grow: Blueprint to Building High-Performing Diverse Global Teams

    Seventy-seven percent of people would consider a company’s culture, mission, and purpose before joining the team. Since the onset of the pandemic, technology, culture, and effective leadership are critical for building high-performing diverse global teams. The era of digital transformation has brought with it new communication and remote working tools that can help leaders develop a company strategy with an end-goal focused on attracting, retaining, and managing the best global talent in the world. Log in and learn:  


    • Why cultural fluency in leadership is critical for building team trust. 
    • Why cross-cultural communication is inevitable for healthier and higher-performing teams. 
    • The impact of the new world of global remote work on team performance. 
    2.30 pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    A Fireside Chat with Nicole Sahin, CEO at Globalization Partners & Safi Bahcall, Author, LOONSHOTS; Ex-CEO (Biotech)

    3.30 pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    Limitless: Thinking Beyond Boundaries and Borders

    12.00 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    Welcome Americas, Nicole Sahin, CEO at Globalization Partners

    2.30 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    A Fireside Chat with Nicole Sahin, CEO at Globalization Partners & Kathleen Kennedy Executive Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence