Nicole Forbes

Deputy General Counsel, Globalization Partners
    3.00 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    Track 3: Learn: Beyond the First International Hire: Where to Look for Talent and How to Ensure Compliance at Every Step

    You want to hire international employees, but don’t know where to start? First, you need to establish what you hope to accomplish on the global stage. Do you want to become an international brand? Enter just one or multiple countries? Are you looking to test new markets, or are you ready to set up a permanent footprint? Is international hiring motivated by skills gaps in your market or overhead costs? 

    Join us for expert advice on how to answer all these questions, and more. Here you will hear about: 

    • How to manage the international hiring risks to your company data, intellectual property, and workforce engagement. 
    •  Remote workarounds for teams that are still restricted by the effects of Covid-19, including travel limitations. 
    • Outperforming the competition by increasing diversity and finding the right talent remotely, and in other markets.