Nick Adams

Vice President EMEA, Globalization Partners

Nick Adams is the Vice President of EMEA at Globalization Partners based in London, UK, where he leads the company’s international expansion into Europe. With a focus on building a strategic partner network and overseeing regional revenue operations, Nick comes to Globalization Partners with a wealth of experience scaling high growth businesses and is a firm believer in customer focus, integrity and teamwork; values that the company enshrines across the organisation in everything that it does.

    10.00 am BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    EMEA Welcome, Nick Adams, Vice President EMEA and Charles Ferguson, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Globalization Partners.

    PANGEO is Globalization Partners' annual conference designed to equip companies with the ideas, skills, and best practices to thrive in the new world of global remote work. Our conference will bring together visionaries from around the world, who will discuss key trends, strategies, and personal experiences — designed to help you build fast and agile remote teams.  

    Join Nick Adams, Vice President EMEA, and Charles Ferguson, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Globalization Partners for the opening session of PANGEO 2021.

    10.30 am BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    How to Increase Your Sales Internationally and Accelerate Your Company’s Growth

    Entering an international market requires significant investment. Companies might consider setting up shop in a new country if they see an opportunity to open a sales channel there. However, as you look to accelerate your company’s growth internationally, you should think about the implications for sales roles, team structure, and the size and location of your sales presence globally. 

    Join our experts’ panel session as they discuss the best practices to increase sales internationally. Log in and learn:

    • How to identify the best time to start scaling your sales presence, and which markets to enter first.
    • The best systems and processes you can put into place to help your international sales team find success.
    • How to maintain an efficient infrastructure that supports every member of your sales team, no matter where they are in the world.