Mark Hedley

Vice President, Talent Recruiting, Globalization Partners

Mark Hedley is Vice President of Talent Recruiting for Globalization Partners. In this role Mark works with Customers and Partners to help them to grow their businesses through global expansion and access to global remote talent. This is an area of passion for Mark having lived and worked internationally for his entire career.

Mark has extensive international experience on both the client and provider side of Talent Acquisition and HR Outsourcing having served in senior global and regional roles with Korn Ferry, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, and prior to that on the provider side with leading HR Outsourcing and Global Mobility firms. Mark has lived and worked on four continents and spent much of his career in Asia before relocating to London in January 2018.

    11.00 am BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    How Tech Firms Can Grow Globally Faster Than Other Businesses

    Companies all over the world witnessed a paradigm shift for their business operations in the year 2020. Tech companies may have had the infrastructure to keep operating as usual during the pandemic, but is it enough to carry them into the new world of work?  

    Join our experts on this panel session as they discuss the evolution and future of the technology sector. Log in and learn: 

    • How technology companies can optimize their operating models to be more agile.  
    • The ways in which technology companies can sustain growth in a constantly changing ecosystem.  
    • Why managing talent is crucial to succeeding in a remote world. 
    2.00 pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    Track 1: Evolve: Ask an Expert Panel: How to Navigate the Unknown of International Hiring.

    The remote working model has given employees the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. It has also presented a great opportunity for companies to close skills gaps in their workforce, regardless of location.

    However, navigating the unknowns of international hiring is not easy. One of the greatest challenges companies often face is how to attract the best talent, how to approach the hiring process, and how to build teams to meet business goals in the new world of remote work. Log in and learn:

    • What the difference is between global talent acquisition and traditional recruitment. 
    • The common unknowns of international hiring. 
    • How to build a solid global talent acquisition strategy.