Joseph Christofanelli

Director, EY Asia Pacific Tax Centre - Global Incentives, Innovation & Location Services

Over 35 years of experience negotiating, structuring, and implementing global tax incentives to support business expansion, relocation, new developments and R&D. Currently working with Asia inbound and outbound projects providing global incentives and site selection services.

    2.45 pm AEDT

    Day 3 [APAC]

    Make It Happen: Effective and Efficient International Expansion in Asia

    Asia is the world’s largest and most diverse continent. It is home to world class tech hubs, advanced infrastructures and heavily populated emerging markets. Whether the

    rationale for moving into new markets is opportunity or risk-related, international growth and expansion can be a challenging and daunting task. Many of the tech, fast growth and private businesses that have seen successful, sustainable expansion and growth in Asia, have paid close attention to their operating models and how they are aligned with both commercial goals and tax efficiency strategies.

    Join Sam Barrett (moderator), Jay Smith, Andy Winthrop and Joe Christofanelli from EY’s APAC Operating Model Effectiveness and Global Incentives teams, to learn:

    • How to structure your international expansion in Asia
    • What are the best trading and Direct To Consumer operating models
    • Where are the best places to achieve tax incentives and government grants