Jill Neilson

VP of Global Services, Sequoia

Jill is Vice President of Global Services at Sequoia Consulting Group. Sequoia unifies the benefits, HR, retirement, and insurance services that companies need to better scale and protect their business. Jill leads a dynamic team of global benefits consultants, leveraging experts through the Sequoia Global Network in 130 countries.

    2.00 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    Understanding The 3 Tenets of Company Growth: Culture, Language, and Identity

    Companies of all sizes are hiring people anywhere in the world, but many of them are transferring existing processes and policies to a new country or region without understanding the local laws, employee expectations, and cultural differences, and this will simply not do when it comes to growth.  

    Join a live panel session to learn about how to create strong relationships with colleagues and customers across the globe, and also you will learn: 

    • Why talent retention and growth start as early as the first interview and into the onboarding process.  
    • How communication has to change and become asynchronous in the era of remote work.  
    • How to build a team identity that allows space for diversity and individualism, while encouraging collaboration.