James Adkins

Head of Commercial, IRIS HR Consulting

James is the Head of Commercial for IRIS HR Consulting and is responsible for sales and commercial strategy across the division. He is a versatile commercial leader, accumulating a depth of experience along with a strong record for business development and growth across various market sectors.

Background in recruitment and technology industries, James has over 15 years of business growth experience, developing new brands, markets and territories, dedicating himself to a proactive service focused approach and leads commercial growth within the Global HR industry.

Having been at IRIS formerly MCN Global HR since 2018, James works closely with his clients to ensure that their strategic growth is achieved with minimum risk by providing an ‘eyes wide open’ approach in this fast paced environment where global business decisions change daily.

    10.30 am BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    How to Increase Your Sales Internationally and Accelerate Your Company’s Growth

    Entering an international market requires significant investment. Companies might consider setting up shop in a new country if they see an opportunity to open a sales channel there. However, as you look to accelerate your company’s growth internationally, you should think about the implications for sales roles, team structure, and the size and location of your sales presence globally. 

    Join our experts’ panel session as they discuss the best practices to increase sales internationally. Log in and learn:

    • How to identify the best time to start scaling your sales presence, and which markets to enter first.
    • The best systems and processes you can put into place to help your international sales team find success.
    • How to maintain an efficient infrastructure that supports every member of your sales team, no matter where they are in the world.