Filipe Lousa

Director of Privacy and Compliance, Globalization Partners

Filipe Lousa is the Director of Privacy and Compliance at Globalization Partners. Filipe has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Privacy and Data Protection, advising companies at an international level, across multiple jurisdictions.  Before joining Globalization Partners, he was lead EMEA & LATAM Privacy Legal Counsel at Dell Technologies, as well as Global Privacy Consultant for Dell´s Marketing and Consumer & Small Business units. He holds a LLM and he is a Data Protection Officer (ECPC-B DPO) certified by the European Centre of Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC) of Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Filipe  is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and the European Association of Data Protection Professionals, as well as a regular invited speaker at international Privacy summits and events.

    1.00 pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    Track 3: Learn: Top Compliance Challenges Companies Face When Going Global, and Steps to Overcome Them

    As your company grows globally, you’ll benefit from bringing international employees on board. Hiring global employees offers many advantages for your company, including insights into the local culture and useful in-country business connections. However, building global teams can be a complex process, involving many compliance challenges. Log in to the session and learn:

    • The most common compliance challenges companies face when going global. 
    • The risks and penalties associated with noncompliance.  
    • How companies can navigate compliance challenges and plan for the future.