Diane Albano

Chief Revenue Officer, Globalization Partners

Diane Albano is Chief Revenue Officer at Globalization Partners, and has a history of record-breaking in organizations ranging from start-up to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. Under Diane’s leadership, Globalization Partners has improved quality of service and solution such that in 2020, the research firm NelsonHall named Globalization Partners an industry leader in global Employer of Record services.

    11.30 am BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    Managing the Mobile Workforce - Top Countries for Global Mobility and Relocation

    Today’s workforce has become increasingly decentralized and highly mobile. While the advent of technology is now a driving factor in facilitating the mobile workforce, the desire for flexible working arrangements has been on the rise, too.

    Join us in this panel session as our global mobility experts discuss the best practices of managing a mobile workforce. Login and learn:

    • How you can set up a global relocation policy that makes sense for your company and your team.  
    • The top countries for employee relocation.  
    • The best solution to help employees relocate compliantly. 
    12.00 pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    The Next Wave in HR Technology

    Companies are now dealing with increasingly global operations, with a growing need for specialized talent. This makes attracting and retaining the right people difficult unless you adopt a more dynamic talent and work model. You may feel confident about HR practices in your company headquarters, but are you prepared if you’re planning to expand to new international markets?

    Join us for an experts’ panel session where industry leaders will discuss the future of HR, and provide actionable tips to survive and thrive in the new world of work. Log in and learn:

    • What role HR plays in driving an agile organization.  
    • How the next wave in technology is disrupting HR.  
    • How HR can help build the organization of the future. 
    4.15pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    Day 1 - Closing Keynote, Diane Albano, Chief Revenue Officer, Globalization Partners

    12.30 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    The Top Challenges of Hiring Internationally - and Secrets to Overcome Them

    The remote work revolution is a reality, and now companies are hiring without the restrictions of political borders. But obviously, new challenges arise. Hiring internationally could introduce a catalog of new procedures for your legal and finance staff that may potentially slow your growth.   

    Join us for an expert panel session that will give you the tips and tools to help you build global remote teams fast and easy. You will learn:   

    • What opportunities are out there for companies that want to hire in a new country or region, but haven’t yet started?  
    • What are the biggest challenges - cultural, financial, legal - that your company may face?  
    • How can you get started and create a realistic plan your team can execute?
    1.00 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    How to Lead Transformation Amidst Rapid Workplace Change: Strategies to Engage Teams and Build the Future Today

    The past two years have changed and shaped the way companies operate and the way humans work like no other time in history, and no matter what challenges your company and your people have faced, all are still charting the path forward into the next normal, and all have the power to shape the future, starting today.   

    As you are leading your company’s growth from the inside, join our experts in change of management, remote work design, and growth strategy, to learn:  

    • Leadership skills that are essential in a remote-first world, for connection and relationship-building in your team.   
    • How to build a remote or hybrid work environment that’s productive, efficient, and welcoming – a place top talent all over the world want to work.    
    • What strategies to adopt to flourish amidst rapid change.