David Harrison

Commercial Director, Americas, Immedis

Skilled Business Development and Account Management Leader. Documented success in revenue growth, team culture and operations through EMEA, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Extensive experience selling and managing relationships in enterprise sales (today), mid-market and a small business environment.

    1.30 pm BST

    Day 1 [EMEA]

    Track 2: Grow: 5 International Growth Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Economic downturns and crises often lead to stagnation of innovation and growth. As a result, many companies find it difficult to thrive when conditions are tough, and sometimes this can lead to company closure. For growth strategies to deliver lasting results, there needs to be a core focus on aspirations, organization-wide alignment, and careful monitoring of results across all departments. Log in to join top leaders in the global expansion space and, learn:  


    • How your company can avoid the top 10 international growth mistakes. 
    • How choosing the right global growth partner can hyper-boost your company revenue. 
    • How to future-proof your company.