Craig Goldblatt

    1.15 pm AEDT

    Day 3 [APAC]

    Future-Proof Your Business: Scale and Hire Globally and Compliantly

    Recent advancements in remote work present a window for growth. But failing to understand how to expand compliantly and the risks involved could be harmful. International hiring creates new filings, activities, and procedures for your legal and finance teams that requires country-specific counsel, potentially slowing growth.  

    Are you compliantly hiring global talent? Can you avoid legal pitfalls and abide by employment and tax regulations? Do you know the latest immigration policies to aid relocating employees? 


    You will learn:  

    • How to identify the best time to scale and which markets to enter first  
    • The biggest challenges – financial, legal, administrative – you face when growing internationally 
    • Solutions available to pursue international growth quickly, without bypassing compliance