Cleo Valeroso

VP of Global People Operations at ZEDEDA
    12.30 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    The Top Challenges of Hiring Internationally - and Secrets to Overcome Them

    The remote work revolution is a reality, and now companies are hiring without the restrictions of political borders. But obviously, new challenges arise. Hiring internationally could introduce a catalog of new procedures for your legal and finance staff that may potentially slow your growth.   

    Join us for an expert panel session that will give you the tips and tools to help you build global remote teams fast and easy. You will learn:   

    • What opportunities are out there for companies that want to hire in a new country or region, but haven’t yet started?  
    • What are the biggest challenges - cultural, financial, legal - that your company may face?  
    • How can you get started and create a realistic plan your team can execute?