Cheyenne Horvat

Senior People Operations Manager at RapidSOS

My name is Cheyenne Horvat and I am the Senior People Operations Manager at RapidSOS, a lifesaving technology company based out of NYC.

At RapidSOS I lead a team of three with a focus on the entire team member experience from onboarding, perks, and benefits to name a few both stateside and internationally. We currently have members in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

I’m passionate about connecting with people in a meaningful way and working towards building out a culture where people can bring their authentic selves to the workplace. I took many routes to finally hit my destination in People. I was a Case Manager for child protective cases that worked in engaging families to be their own self-advocates. I was an Executive Assistant so that I can get a high-level scope of how businesses run. Ensuring that I can communicate effectively from interns to C-Suites.

Now I've found my way in People Operations and couldn’t be happier making sure members feel their absolute best in the workplace.

In my spare time I love traveling, meme culture, music and BTS!

    1.30 pm ET

    Day 2 [AMER]

    What International Employees Really Want

    Employees are people, and it’s not hard to guess what other people might want when it comes to benefits and advancement.   

     But what about on a global scale? What about when remote work isn’t just a perk, but a new way of working?   

    Join this panel of experts in employee engagement, compensation, work facilitation, and productivity to learn: 

    • What employees know they need but are hesitant to ask for.  
    • Ways to gauge employee happiness across cultures and stand out as a great employer.  
    • The newest challenges and solutions to running international teams.