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PANGEO is Globalization Partners’ annual conference designed to equip companies with the ideas, skills, and best practices to thrive in the new world of global remote work. 

PANGEO will bring together visionaries from around the world, who will discuss key trends, strategies, and personal experiences — designed to help you build fast and agile remote teams. During this free, three-day event, attendees will get a chance to hear from experts on how to build efficient, high-performing global remote teams, how to create integrated employee experiences, and why both compliance and speed are critical for long-term success in 2021 and beyond.

PANGEO derives its name from the 300-million-year-old supercontinent, Pangea, the original unified earth landmass. 100 million years later Pangea divided to form our seven modern-day continents. Today, our world is transformed — reunited once again in what we call PANGEO — a new world of opportunities without boundaries, as post-pandemic workforces move to remote and hybrid models putting the world’s workforce on one platform. At PANGEO we will celebrate this and Globalization Partners, the global industry leader, will share this knowledge.
As the creator of the Employer of Record category, Globalization Partners is not only the global industry leader in terms of innovation but is also the fastest growing employer of record in the world.
We make it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, within minutes, without setting up subsidiaries – via our legally compliant SaaS Employer of Record platform, AI- powered guided user experience, and world-class customer support team.
Globalization Partners IS the future of work and as such, with over ten years of experience in the field and an unrivalled track record working with thousands of global customers, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with businesses seeking fast compliant international expansion.
“Globalization Partners is the only global expansion solution operating at scale”
Goldman Sachs


Remote working was already becoming a global phenomenon and the worldwide pandemic
has driven all industries to embrace this at a faster pace than they might have. Now alongside
remote working we have global mobility and the democratisation of work as additional
factors affecting how we attract, hire, and retain our teams. Globalization Partners removes
borders, breaks down barriers and presents zero limits to companies wishing to hire the best
talent anywhere in the world right now in a matter of hours!


To deliver a truly global event, PANGEO 2021 will be held across three days facilitating three different time zones:
  • Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 10am BST – 4pm BST: EMEA
  • Thursday, Oct. 21 from 12pm ET to 6.15pm ET: AMER
  • Friday, Oct. 22 from 9am SGT to 1pm SGT: APAC


Fast growth, highly ambitious companies aspiring to the highest levels of international expansion who are seeking a deeper understanding of crucial levers for accelerating and streamlining their journey will attend PANGEO. We anticipate more than four thousand online attendees from businesses of all sizes, across all sectors and countries worldwide. Delegate profiles to include CEOs, COOs, CROs, CFOs, Heads of International and Sales.

Visionaries, Founders, Pioneers, Disrupter, Leaders and Experts in the Technology, AI, HR, Media, Digital, Research, VC, Financial, Legal and Corporate sectors including:
  • Nick Adams
  • Diane Albano
  • Safi Bahcall
  • Betsy Bula
  • Marc Coleman
  • Daymond John
  • Kathleen Kennedy
  • Debbie Millin
  • Nicole Sahin
  • Russ Shaw
  • Kevin Smith
PANGEO will cover 3 main tracks: Evolve, Grow, and Learn.
Evolve: discussing:
  • Laying the foundation for international business growth
  • The war on talent and where to next
  • Best practices for company evolution and international expansion
Grow: discussion:
  • Strategies to scale and succeed internationally.
  • Entering new and emerging markets.
  • Retaining a global focus and formulating a long-term strategy to enter new markets
Learn: discussion:
  • Keeping up with changing laws and regulations.
  • Challenges of compliance in a localized marketplace
  • Learnings from operating in multiple jurisdictions
  • Risks associated with tax compliance and global mobility
The PANGEO Awards have been created to allow Globalization Partners to highlight and celebrate our most exceptional and inspiring partners, customer, and prospects to showcase their company’s unrivalled success and commitment to building a global remote workforce and accelerating their international growth.
We will have a panel of distinguished jurors from all over the world adjudicating the awards to select the most accomplished nominees from 10 different categories – representing a total of twenty exclusive awards in total to be presented. The Awards Ceremony will take place live online at the of the second day of the conference at 5.45pm ET.

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All bios and photographs of speakers are available to download here.

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