HR and the Modern Workplace – How to Leverage Tech and Analytics to Achieve Better Business Results

 HR and the Modern Workplace – How to Leverage Tech and Analytics to Achieve Better Business Results

After the events of 2020, people managers had to take on the challenge of implementing initiatives to boost employee morale and engagement, drive retention, and tailor benefits and perks for the new data-driven HR evolution.

Information and technology have been the cornerstone of business for a long time. Experts use several sources of data and information before making critical decisions. Now, technology has allowed HR departments to use information and streamline processes to harness more efficient ways of managing their employees’ experiences and creating an environment that promotes better results.

In this session of PANGEO, Brenton Dalgliesh, Paychex HR Partner, explored how technology has transformed the HR landscape, and explored several tools that allow teams to obtain better results, drive efficiency, minimize human error, and adapt to new challenges.

How do HR and technology blend?

Dalgliesh pointed out that the main functions of HR haven’t changed. HR departments still develop strategies and manage the whole employee lifecycle. From hiring to management and payment, none of these functions have changed, but HR experts and practitioners want ways to do it all more efficiently. We need to find ways to improve how we work in the future. By leveraging technology, we can predict future changes, diagnose the wellbeing of our organizations, and prepare for potential challenges.

The right information is the basis for an excellent analysis

When decision-makers need to make a critical decision, they know that inaccurate sources increase the chance of making mistakes. The same is true for HR experts. They need the right information to predict an outcome accurately. It is fundamental to think about what happened, why it happened, and what are the next steps to take. Only accurate sources of information can describe and correctly predict results. “By being able to leverage technology, we know that we will be able to better predict future HR challenges,” said Dalgliesh.

What is the value of HR technology?

HR technology and training should be as efficient as the product delivered to customers. By efficiently using HR tools, companies can improve the whole employee experience. “HR is alive and well, but we need to make some changes from how we functioned in the past and how we are going to function in the future,” explained Dalgliesh.

Technology allows us to improve company-wide processes. Decision-makers can make informed data-driven decisions by using software to keep track of critical information. Employees can obtain better results, improve their productivity, and learn new skills by using the latest training software. HR experts can keep track of every step of their employees’ experience, avoid potential errors, and predict outcomes based on the factual data they obtain from HR software and platforms. However, to reap all these benefits and improve their workplaces, companies must be willing to learn and implement new tools. Those who adapt first, and act fast, will always have an advantage over their competitors.

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