Hiring and Managing Employees After the Great Migration

 Hiring and Managing Employees After the Great Migration

In this session of PANGEO, Moderator Brent Kinsey, Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition at G-P, joined Chris Delorey, Executive Vice President at Marsh, Cheyenne Horvat, Manager of People Operations at Carta, and Surpana Basu-Ravis, Chief People Officer at Acceleration Partners, to discuss how the “Great Migration” has transformed the workplace, strategies to attract employees in today’s business landscape, and advice on how to retain talent on the move.

The current state of the global workforce, workplace norms, and the “new normal”

Basu-Ravis began the session by highlighting that the business world has undergone a reckoning, more so than a “new normal” as far as ways of working are concerned. She added that, as there is no longer a “one size fits all” regarding work conditions, employers must plan ahead and be ready to flow with the continually changing business landscape in order to keep evolving and growing.

Horvat, on the other hand, said she embraces this “new normal,” as it allows workers who may not have had much flexibility before to tailor a work-lifestyle that meets their specific needs.

Retention strategies that can be adopted by companies in this new professional landscape

Horvat noted the use of a thoughtfully crafted employee survey as a great way to gauge employee satisfaction – and a way to receive honest feedback. Companies must ask questions that they are prepared to hear the answers to. It is important to remain proactive during this process to retain engagement.

“It’s all about engagement”, agreed Delorey. Utilizing other AI-related tools to help with communication can be very effective, he noted, as well as taking the time to be innovative and intentional with your onboarding processes – it should be an employee experience in and of itself.

Attracting new employees and keeping existing ones interested in their roles is paramount, noted Basu-Ravis. She feels that companies should focus more on attraction and not retention – maintaining attraction keeps workers interested and engaged, particularly as the days when employees stay in one company their whole career are long gone.

Enticing talent to make the move to your company

The average talent that is on the move is tech savvy, well educated, and highly skilled. Many of these workers are contractors, so knowing how and where to source, attract, and retain them must be strategized and well thought out.

Common strategies among the speakers were having a top-notch benefits package that is on-trend with employee expectations, and focusing on DEI, engagement, and the continued nurturing of employee professional growth such as the use of mentorship.


Building a company culture that promotes inclusion, work-life balance, team connections, and feedback are all important to attracting and retaining employees – and keeping them interested in the work they do and in your organization. All the information to make strategic decisions is right there in things like workplace surveys and employee feedback – companies just need to be prepared to embrace this feedback and act.

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