The Future of Work Is the Future of the World

 The Future of Work Is the Future of the World

G-P CEO Bob Cahill kicked off PANGEO 2022 with an insightful and optimistic opening speech, delving into the benefits of a global mindset and the power of embracing change to redefine work — no matter the industry landscape.

Cahill began by outlining the agenda and topics for this year’s event, including:

  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Establishing global hubs
  • Building an inclusive culture
  • Global compensation
  • Remote work best practices


Cahill reflected on his position as CEO and spoke of the impact that G-P has made on him personally and professionally. “I’ve worked across many sectors in my 30+ year career, and none has had as profound an impact on me as the opportunities I see being created in the everywhere workforce.”

The changes to the way the world works have been far-reaching, and Cahill believes this change will continue. He then spoke on the upcoming fourth industrial revolution and how remote work will be at the heart of it. Quoting Labor Economist, Adam Ozimek, “The next phase of remote work will transform economies, as more companies revise their policies to accommodate employees who have permanently shifted to working remotely, and more workers move to places they’ve always wanted to live but couldn’t.”


Cahill went on to highlight recent trends impacting the global business world, including resignation, reset, and quiet quitting. Despite these ongoing challenges, Cahill is optimistic about the future.

“I believe the disruption and change we have experienced is a force for good. Reports on the impact of remote work show increases in productivity, decreases in hiring cost, and reduced turnover.”

The case for remote work

At G-P, remote work has resulted in a productive, engaged, and diverse workforce. Cahill showcased recent stats that further confirm this model’s effectiveness.

For example, a 2021 Mckinsey study showed that 83 percent of employees working remotely agreed that their homes enabled them to work productively — a higher proportion than the average office (64 percent) and even outstanding workplaces (78 percent).

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

DEI was another hot topic. Cahill believes that DEI is a key driver for business performance, employee retention, and attraction.

“Remote work builds inclusive teams. The IMF cites remote work as a factor in creating a more inclusive workforce among tech companies in particular,” Cahill explained.

What’s next?

Cahill finished the session by talking about the future and what’s next for remote work. He explained why flexible working is here to stay and its exciting possibilities.

“The opportunity to shift structures, break barriers, and transform societies and economies has never been greater. Doing this requires a global mindset.”

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