Beyond Borders: Building Sustainable Success with Global Talent Hubs

 Beyond Borders: Building Sustainable Success with Global Talent Hubs

G-P COO Melissa Cooper has years of expertise in international expansion and helping companies democratize opportunities. In this PANGEO session, she shared with us ways to build sustainable success with global talent hubs.  

How to break down barriers and create opportunities for talent – no matter their location 

Cooper emphasized some of the key elements to successful international expansion: connection and connecting people. What does this mean? Businesses that have the drive to connect with and hire diverse talent from all over the world without letting geography limit them will succeed fastest. 

It’s all about the people and keeping up with new employee expectations 

“We never want to lose sight of the people,” stressed Cooper.

She explained that at G-P, it’s the people behind the global business, “the actual human beings that are driving innovation and powering the company,” that matter more than anything. This mindset is in large part what has allowed G-P to grow its employee base 400 fold. She warned how easy it can be for organizations experiencing such growth to see their priorities shift in the wrong direction.

A large part of valuing your people includes understanding what they need from you as an employer. Cooper noted another key element to success in global hiring is to know what job seekers are looking for in today’s competitive business world. The standard benefits package is no longer enough to attract top talent. She highlighted the importance of meeting employee expectations for flexible work schedules, work-life balance, an inclusive workplace, and other trending needs to attract and retain highly skilled candidates. 

The importance of inclusivity in global remote teams

Cooper explained that inclusivity is one of the most important factors to consider when building global remote teams in today’s business world. In fact, she emphasized that the need to adopt a global mindset is now a strategic imperative for companies at any stage or size. 

There are many benefits to global hiring – greater employee productivity, lower turnover, and increased employee satisfaction. However, Melissa noted that perhaps the most significant outcome of global hiring is the ability to source diverse, specialized talent regardless of geography, opening up a world of opportunities and possibilities for companies and talent alike. 

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