Evolve | Building a Global Employer Brand: What Role Does HR Play?

 Evolve | Building a Global Employer Brand: What Role Does HR Play?

Employer Brand

A strong employer brand and a clear Employer Value Proposition help businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility.” — Alexa Williams, Manager of Employer Brand, Globalization Partners

Today’s labor market is changing at the speed of light, and companies are starting to realize their employer brand is a key element to standing out and competing for the best workforce.

In this session of the PANGEO Conference moderated by Christen Bleil, Director of Global People Resources, Globalization Partners,  Alexa Williams, Manager of Employer Brand, and Allie Kovalic, Community & Culture Manager at Globalization Partners, discuss the importance of building a strong global employer brand to attract, engage, and retain the best talent.

Both managers shared insights from their experience building successful brands and gave answers to several questions regarding the topic.

A strong employer brand will enable you to more quickly hire the right people for your organization while keeping your existing top talent engaged and performing well.” — Allie Kovalik, Community & Culture Manager, Globalization Partners

Do companies need to rethink the concept of employer branding in order to succeed in this new world of remote work?

According to Alexa Williams, business leaders have an acute need to find and retain top talent in order to be successful, and the employer brand plays a critical role for companies to differentiate themselves in the labor market. The evolution of the global economy has created challenges for companies to compete for the best talent. People are not just looking for a job — they seek a meaningful experience and want to make an impact. Companies have to pay special attention to communicating their values to align with those of their potential employees through their employer brand.

How can companies start building a global employer brand?

For Allie Kovalik, it is necessary to build a community of trust, accountability, and transparency. To build a global employer brand in the era of global remote work it is important to prioritize your company’s core values, and cultivate your company culture so it remains strong and employees stay happy and productive, and celebrate and appreciate learning, inclusion, recognition, compassion, and trust.

How can companies use their brand to attract the best hires globally?

According to a LinkedIn study, 72 percent of recruiting leaders agree that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring. Williams explained that the employer brand makes a big difference for candidates to assess their employment options, as they usually rely on online reviews. Therefore, HR, culture, and brand departments must make sure their employer’s brand and reputation are being communicated positively and effectively, and they are promoting employee advocacy.

Kovalic referred to a study that found 77 percent of job seekers consider a company’s culture before applying to a job. This is why it is important to constantly define and improve the company culture to avoid missing out on talent seeking opportunities. 

How can the HR function help in building a global employer brand? 

Kovalik affirmed that the role of HR is vital to build partnerships across organizations. HR teams should serve as a collaborator and resource that enables communication and maintains a positive workplace culture. HR is also key to building a positive employee experience journey that begins with recruitment, hiring, onboarding, career growth opportunities, and continues even as employees transition to roles outside of the organization. Williams added that it is crucial for HR to work to build partnerships with other departments to bring the employer brand to life, as it is directly connected to candidate quality, hiring, and engagement.

Before ending the session, Williams and Kovalik pointed out the importance of embracing diversity in the global workplace. It is essential to celebrate the cultures around the world and connect with the unique nature of global teams. This often includes actively learning from other cultures and sharing experiences within the global community.

They also mentioned the importance of metrics, which are key to keeping track of the evolution of your brand strategy and to help you detect areas for improvement. It is essential to measure engagement, candidate quality and experience, and content across the media.                             

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