Evolve | Ask an Expert Panel: How to Navigate the Unknown of International Hiring?

 Evolve | Ask an Expert Panel: How to Navigate the Unknown of International Hiring?

How to Navigate the Unknown of International Hiring?

“In the real world, you can find passive candidates and their second or third question is, ‘Are they working remotely?’ and if the answer is ‘hybrid or no,’ a lot of them will say ‘Thanks but no thanks.’” – Giora Gil-Ad, CEO, CQ Global

Building a global talent acquisition strategy at a time of change was the key topic for this discussion at the PANGEO Evolve Panel, “How to Navigate the Unknown of International Hiring?” moderated by Mark Hedley, Vice President of Talent Recruiting, Globalization Partners with guest panelists, Giora Gil-Ad, CEO at CQ Global and Paul French, Director at Intrinsic Executive Search.

The two highly experienced leaders shared their thoughts and experiences on advising at a strategic level, about high-growth companies wishing to expand internationally, and helping these companies find exceptional talent in those locations.

The discussion began by looking at the great number of changes which have occurred in the recruiting and global talent acquisition space as a result of the pandemic. The changes have impacted all players in this space, and it was agreed that it is very much a candidate’s market today with companies understanding that it is no longer simply about the benefits package — it is more frequently less about the financial and more about the potential for future growth.

Giora Gil-Ad, CEO, CQ Global told us that this impacts more than just the HR team. For the talent acquisition team, it becomes about sending out the correct message. More time and money is being invested in the employer brand, with the role of talent acquisition becoming more complex, professional, and challenging. Ironically it is the talent acquisition roles that are becoming increasingly difficult to fill.   

“My key takeaways (for building an effective talent acquisition strategy) are to be modern in approach, be really slick, blow candidates away, and give a great experience.” – Paul French, Director, Intrinsic Executive Search

The role of operations has also become increasingly challenging with a demand for the right benefits packages and a broader need for benchmarking. This all adds to the cost of making a move, which in turn impacts the cost of employee retention.

From a cultural perspective, companies who are now doing business in different countries with a multicultural workforce must educate and spend time understanding and embedding new cultures. This additional challenge is incredibly important for the successful integration of new teams.

With all of these changes happening, there is a need for an effective global talent acquisition strategy. Paul French, Director, Intrinsic Executive Search, offered the following tips to attendees:

  1.     Think global and act local – one-size-fits-all does not work, and certainly not today.
  2.     Employee Value Proposition – this must be different for each role and region.
  3.     Values are critical – how will you present them to the candidate pool? And do they fit with what we present externally?
  4.     Environmental corporate governance is an increasingly important consideration.
  5.     Demographics – Gen Y and Gen Z are the leaders of the future, so we must tap into their aspirations and desires professionally and personally.
  6.     Candidate experience is more important than it ever has been. This must be honed.
  7.     The talent shortage makes it harder and harder to source great people – we need to be faster.
  8.     Hire international leaders and use them when hiring international employees.
  9.     Experience dealing with legal and compliance issues is increasingly important for all regions.
  10.    A robust hiring plan using behavioral and psychometric analysis is always advisable.

“Working with a partner who has the ability to create the legal entity and the legal framework to enable you to hire people seamlessly in that combination of search and seamless creation of entity is critical.” – Paul French, Director, Intrinsic Executive Search

What we learned:

  • Changes in recruitment and global talent acquisition post-pandemic have resulted in a candidate’s market.
  • The employer brand and candidate experience is more important than ever with companies looking to their values and company culture to secure the desired candidates.
  • Advice when hiring in a new region with no existing network. 

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